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Fishing with Ladin: Fly Fishing                    
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3. UNTAMED SPORTS – Airs in 10 markets across the United States 3 to 6 times a week with day and times varying each week. Please check their website for weekly schedule.
2. KVOS 12.1 Sunday Mornings at 8 am
Watch Fishing with Ladin TV Shows on the following stations

1. KLEW Channel 3 Saturday and Sunday Evenings at 6:30 pm after the CBS evening news.

The 8 Foot Dogfish Boat: Check out the video and the 10% discount code below. Go to their website dogfishboats.com or call for more information    360-224-1544
HomeFly Fishing PlacesFly Fishing ArticlesFly Fishing Tips VideosWhere to Watch

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Fishing with Ladin: Fly Fishing TV Show, Videos, VOD and Articles inspires young and old to enjoy the outdoors. Travel the Northwest with them as they reveal the beauty of nature and the practice of catch and release fly fishing through an entertaining format that is fast-paced and humorous.

We have fun catching fish!