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Fly Fishing Place: Goose Lake, Montana (Blackfeet Reservation)

Travel: As you will see from the show, the road into Goose lake is definitely a four-wheel drive road. Sometimes it is not passable even with four-wheel drive, so again, get some local information for current conditions. 
Tactics: Early in the season shore fishing works fine, but later personal watercraft would be necessary. The Dogfish 8 ft boat is a great option or a standard pontoon boat. 
Equipment: These fish range from 2 - 4 pounds so a 

Goose lake is located just north of the famous Duck lake on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana. You can see from the picture and the map this is close to Glacier National Park. Just east of the Park, so the mountains are often part of the spectacular view, and add immensely to the overall experience. The elevation is about 5000 feet and being so close to the mountains it is often very windy. There are often Grizzly bears in this area. 
When: April - October
Ice out varies with the year, but is typically sometime in April. From ice out through June can be the best fishing of the year. In the video, we are fishing in late May which was during the Cutthroat false-spawn, so the fish were coming into the shallows. We fished other lakes during this time and hit the tail end of the Rainbow false-spawn. Of course, the toughest time is in the heat of the summer and the fishing again picks up in the Fall. We have not fished this lake in the Fall but have been told it can be very good. Always try to get a current local report before heading out. 
Methods: Travel, Tactics, Equipment, DIY/Guides and Accomodations
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Fly Fishing Tips
standard nine-foot five weight rods is fine unless it is really windy. We fished dry lines and strike indicators with Prince nymphs and rubber-tail leeches at various depths below the indicator. We also used intermediate sink lines stripping Wooly Buggers. Always wear eye protection.

DIY/Guides: We fished with superb guide, David Parsons and his assistant Packy. David is owner of Cut Bank Creek Outfitters in Browning, Montana. His phone number is 406-338-5567. David is an authorized Blackfeet guide who knows his stuff. Goose lake is a tough DIY lake in my opinion, mostly due to the difficulties finding and accessing the lake, but it can be done. If you visit the Blackfeet call David, get advice and have him take you to Goose lake if it is fishing well. Then, if you want branch out on your own to the many other great fisheries. 

Accommodations: We stayed at The Stonehouse at Duck Lake and Mountain Pine Motel in East Glacier. Both were good.
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We have fun catching fish!
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